Year in


Anandh Ramesh,
Senior Lecturer

The BA (Hons) VFX graduates of 2022 have proven the wide reach of the VFX industry, producing work across the entire range of the CG/VFX pipeline. From concept art and asset creation to simulations and compositing, the students are staking claim to employability in industries from automobile design to motion graphics and film.

Award winning work

Amelia Sturdy specialised in CG characters and spent her final year creating a CG double of her dog, with this work winning her an Excellence Award at The Rookies Contest 2022.

Senior Lecturer Anandh Ramesh was awarded the Senior Fellowship from Advance HE.

Caroline Rouge BA (Hons) VFX

Industry leading lectures

Insights into the VFX industry and its pipeline have been provided by various industry guest speakers including Patrick Lin (DOP at Pixar), Victor Wade (BeloFX), Lance Summers (Look Development Supervisor at Disney), Stewart Ash (The Third Floor), Jonathan Jones (Ember Films) and Amy Backwell (Emerging Talent Specialist at ILM).

National exhibitions

The annual Work In Progress (WIP) event at NUA for Animation and VFX was a big success this year with multiple guest speakers covering a range of topics and industries. The students also attended the VFX Festival in London - one of the first in-person VFX events in the country this year post-pandemic.

Industry engagement

Students from the course engaged consistently with the industry through platforms such as Access:VFX and received regular feedback on their projects, in addition to collaborating on multiple external projects such as music videos and working closely with companies such as FXhome to ensure that their work is of industry standard.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to develop my portfolio and skill set using advanced industry standard software. Studying with like-minded peers has been inspiring and a pleasure.

Rosario Perrone,
BA (Hons) VFX