Year in

Fine Art

Craig Barber,
Course Leader

Our graduating students have displayed a great deal of resilience and hard work but also compassion and understanding with one another. They had to develop dexterity in their thought processes, unifying these with their technical skills in the studios. These students completed their course with a great sense of momentum.

Craig Barber
BA Fine Art work by Chloe Lees showing a table decorated with jellied foods and other items.

Award winning student work

Mia Harewood & Chloe Lees were offered residencies at High House. Imogen Downs was selected to exhibit at Tate Britain. Emma Bidwell was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show. Molly Jackson & Bradley Tooke won the Vernon Crowther Prize. Luke Underwood won the John Alston Prize. Chloe Lees and Jo Bellamy won the NCAS Prizes.

Strategies symposium

We hosted a one day symposium called Strategies, which focused on arts and communities. Speakers included Jade Marie Anderson who is an artist, curator and coordinator at the Young Norfolk Arts Trust, Kaavous Clayton and Julia Devonshire (Original Projects) and Sarah Lopez (Ort Gallery).

BA Fine Art work by Tymoteusz Suszycki showing a Lino printed black and white cityscape.

External exhibitions

A selection of our year 3 students took part in Free Range in London. This was a fitting extension to enable them to get their work seen by a wider audience. Elsewhere our year 2 students collaborated with students from Kaywon University of Art and Design, Korea and Nippon Designers School, Japan.

Wider engagement

Students took part in placements at Lakenham Primary School, offering opportunities for students who are looking to progress into teaching to develop their skills. Our Senior Research Fellow Carl Rowe has also involved students in projects collaborating with the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS trust.

BA Fine Art work by Molly Jackson