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Design for

Glen Robinson,
Course Leader

We believe Design for Publishing has an important role in our society. Stories in the form of books, magazines, newspapers, digital products (apps + web) and exhibitions are a vital gateway to our continued education and open doors to the imagination of others. At their best, stories can challenge the way we view world.

Glen Robinson

A cohort of
critical thinkers

Design for Publishing give these crucial ideas form and permanence in the world through critical and creative thinking. Because of this our students explore a range of subjects that empower them and others such as: Y2k Nostalgia, LGTBQ+, Black Lives, Feminism, Climate Crisis, Braille, Dyslexia, Addiction and Public Toilets.


Our students take a critical research-led approach to their practice. We value making and experimentation away from the screen as an important strategy for maintaining creative health. Students have conjured cyanotypes, screen prints, rust dyed fabric, got political spray painting “covid screens” and used 35mm film cameras.


We experimented with embossing, debossing, hand-finishing and book binding. We worked collaboratively on large scale calligraphic drawings and mark making, cross stitched, and not forgetting the infamous rainbow crochet balaclavas! An art school tutor’s dream manifest.

Industry guests

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many creative individuals in the publishing industry and beyond, these include Rick Banks (F37), David Pearson, Anna Morrison, Jack Smyth, Tim Donaldson, the design team at Little, Brown Books: Sean Garrehy, Hannah Wood, Nico Taylor, Charlotte Stroomer, Duncan Spilling and Ellen Rockell.