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Jasper Chadprajong-Smith, Course Leader

It is a privilege to present the final projects of our Fashion programme’s graduating students at Norwich University of the Arts. Our students learn to use fashion as a medium for social change and personal expression. They develop distinctive design languages and clarify their creative procedures through studio practise.

Jasper standing in the Fashion studio wearing black with an embroidered jacket

Challenging convention

We challenge the students to examine the incessant cycle of contemporary fashion, to slow down, reconsider, and, using diverse creative methods, to redefine the idea of clothing and the structures that produce it.

Far reaching

Our students have worked on a variety of projects, some of which were assigned, and others were self-initiated. Their imaginative selves are grounded in drawing, visual research, creative pattern cutting, digital design, CLO3D, tailoring, fabric manipulation, textile processes, sustainability and cultural investigation.

and awards

- Megan Newman and Ella Taylor selected for Graduate Fashion Week ‘Talent of Tomorrow’
- Ciara Spencer won the Graduate Fashion Foundation’s Footwear Award 2023