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Animation and Visual Effects

Jon Dunleavy

Jon Dunleavy,
Course Leader

The BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects course at Norwich offers the students an opportunity to explore and experiment with the wide animation and visual effects pipelines.

Student development

This unique course embraces the art of film and the technology of VFX to deliver well-rounded graduates who combine their artistic sensibilities, research skills and technical prowess to produce work that not only makes them readily employable but also showcases their artistic vision.

Animation and VFX student working at a computer.


They graduate with a unique mix of skills, from narrative development and thematic representations to embracing visual effects. They have matured as artists and collaborators, exploring themes from fantasy environments and sci-fi characters to recreating retro adverts, showcasing their creative and technical abilities.


The skills developed by this cohort will give them the opportunity to progress to a wide range of roles in the animation and visual effects industry including high-end film and episodic work, game design, advertising, world building, merchandising, production, concept art and virtual production.