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Jon Dunleavy,
Senior Lecturer

The class of 2022 have produced a diverse body of work, developing collaborative and craft skills to serve their creativity. The challenge the course offers prepares our graduates for their creative journey within roles as wide ranging as VFX, animation/games studios, character design, illustration, fabrication and more.

Jon Dunleavy

Award winning

Award winning students from our 2022 cohort include:
Engy Jarrouj - Inspirational Student of the Year at NUA SU awards
Amber Iles - Shortlisted for an XP Award

Inspiring lectures

Inspiring and enlightening lectures have been delivered by industry experts including Disney Look Development Artist Lance Summers and stop motion artists Roos Mattaar and Guy Larsen. From Locksmith Animation, we hosted Key Talent and Artist Liaison Shelly Page and storyboard artist Helen Schroeder.

Students and staff viewing stop motion animation models at GradFest22
Stop motion animation student working in the studio

Industry activity

Our annual two day conference in March saw us host a range of lectures and seminars and included student competitions judged by our industry guests from Feature film studios including Disney and Locksmith Animation.

D&AD New
Blood Awards

Three Animation students – Juan Murrel, Engy Jarrouj and Alex Essex - participated in the D&AD New Blood Awards contest this year. Furthermore, Juan, Alex, James Hothi and Libby Storer also contributed to a KE project with Lexhag Studios.

2D animation student working at a computer
Public viewing animation work at GradFest22

The creative freedom we were given with each project has pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me to experiment... it has helped me to figure out what I enjoy the most.

Engy Jarrouj,
BA (Hons) Animation