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Games Art
and Design

Steven Coltart,
Course Leader

The BA (Hons) Games Art and Design degree benefits from well-rounded structure which provides students with a range of underpinning skills which provide the opportunity for specialisation as they progress.

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Industry ready

A strong focus on industry art tests and opportunities to work in inter disciplinary teams helps students to develop appropriate skillsets for working as artists in a range of sub-disciplines.

Career paths

Students on the course will progress into careers such as Games Designer, Concept Artist, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Animator, Lead Artist, Level Editor, Project Manager, Producer, Community Manager, Creative Director, External Producer, QA Tester, Sales Manager.

Student awards

This year, Jack Ibbotson (Year 2) won the Beyond Extent Environment Art Contest (Winning Team), and George Kee (Year 3) worked as a Junior Environment Artist on the video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Guest lecturers

- PlayStation Studios (God of War Ragnarök, Game Audio Talk)
- Mark Brown (Game Makers Toolkit)
- Playground Games (Forza/Fable)
- Vin Hill (Concept Artist including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla)

Games Art student working on a tablet, wearing a purple jumper.